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Greasy Mechanic UniformIf you have ever cleaned a mechanic’s work uniform or own/manage any kind of mechanical workshop, you will understand the never-ending struggle of keeping your uniforms clean, professional looking and grease-free! The daily encounters of oil, fluids and caustic substances build throughout each day and is a reality for anyone working on engines, cars, or any other mechanical part and equipment. Let us share with you some tips for keeping you and your employees’ uniforms looking the best they can all year round.

Pre-treat with Dish Soap

Many dish detergents brands, available at your local supermarket, are specifically designed to cut through grease and oil. Keep a bottle of detergent nearby at home and at work to use specifically on your work uniforms. In the event a spill happens, apply some detergent straight away to the area and allow it to soak into the grease or oil. In doing this, you are effectively pretreating the uniform so when it is washed, you are increasing the likelihood of the stain being removed.

Education for employees

Taking the time to advise your employees about the most effective methods to keeping their work uniforms clean and professional when working in a stain prone environment will assist in the longevity of the uniform itself. By teaching the importance of laundering often, the best degreasing products you have used and providing more than one set of uniforms, your employees will be able to properly wash and dry their uniform; and you will have your employees and brand always looking clean and professional.

Consider using a Laundry Service.

One of the best decisions any mechanical company can make is to engage with a laundry service provider. A professional uniform laundry service, like Ipswich Laundry Service, has extensive experience dealing with grease and oil and can provide fresh uniforms without the need to worry about getting stains and marks out yourself.

This can eliminate the hassle for you and your employees, keeping their uniforms clean themselves whilst ensuring all uniforms are washed with commercial grade detergents and through state-of-the-art equipment. It is a win-win for both employee and the company maintaining a professional brand.

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