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Do you need help with your laundry from someone who respects and understands your requirements?

At Ipswich Laundry Service, we are an accredited NDIS service provider and have 4 years of experience working with NDIS recipients. We provide a specialised NDIS laundry service that will support you through your condition and help to make life easier.

We believe every person deserves to have clean clothing, regardless of any disability. Clean clothing makes a big difference in how we feel, and we think that clean clothes and linen is a basic human right.

With our Ipswich-based NDIS laundry service, your laundry will be picked up from your door and delivered back to you, making it easy to have clean clothes.

Our NDIS launderers are devoted individuals who aren’t afraid of hard work or foul laundry and have a keen eye for detail. We can handle all your NDIS laundry needs for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

How Our NDIS Laundry Service Works

Tony talks with Nurse Phill in this interview for Support Worker Hub about the benefit Ipswich Laundry Service provides to NDIS recipients and how the laundry process works.

Our NDIS Laundry Services

01_020_0120_1_1 – House Cleaning and other Household Activities
  • Support the participant with general cleaning and maintenance activities that they are unable to do so themselves without assistance. These supports may consist of de-cluttering, house cleaning, organising, and other basic domestic duties.

01_021_0120_1_1 – Linen Service

  • Service consisting of the delivery, cleaning, and ironing of linen items if the participant is unable to perform this themselves. To obtain this support, a quote from the selected service provider should be sent to the NDIA for approval.

01_004_0107_1_1 – Assistance with Personal Domestic Activities

  • To assist the participant in building their skills to maintain their home environment. For example; If a participant owns or rents their home and is in charge for their garden. They can hire a support worker to help with them with their gardening and other basic house work.

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Why Ipswich Laundry Service?

“I became a NDIS accredited laundry because a friend of mine, Andy, asked if my business, Ipswich Laundromat, offered NDIS services. Andy is paraplegic and since we started offering our NDIS laundry services, he no longer has to worry about doing the washing, instead, his clean clothes arrive at his door every week, ready to wear.”

-Tony, founder of Ipswich Laundry Service

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"Tom the driver helped me unpack the washing when it was delivered. I would like to highly compliment both yourself and your washing Ninjas for another outstanding job. Your service consistently delivers outstanding results. "
Brassall, QLD
"Great service and so friendly. Was skeptical about having a laundry service (logistics and cost-wise) but these guys make it so easy and great value for money."
Jessica Linnett
Ipswich, QLD
"Found their flyer in the letterbox and response from Tony was great. My machine is on the Frits and figured instead of annoying friends I'd give them ago. I was super impressed. Two basket loads, one of clothes and other of sheets towels etc. picked up and returned same day it was great! I also don't iron, hell I don't even own a iron, but everything came back pressed and folded even socks and knickers. Was super impressed. If I could put photos up on how it as returned to me I would it was just great, came home from work and tadar it was all nicely there. Will use again."
Anne Nugent
"Started using these guys for our busy hair and beauty salon. Couldn't be happier. Saving us a bunch of time. Very happy"
Teresa Le Lievre-Essex
Ipswich, QLD
"Awesome customer service. Very friendly staff that work there."
Leanne Anderson

How We Work

Get Your Clothes Collected & Delivered

An icon of a shirt on a hanger with dirty marks on it behind a laundry basket with clothes in it

Step 1

Leave your laundry at your front door on your designated collection day.

A white van with the word 'Laundry' printed on the side of it.

Step 2

Our driver will pick up your clothes from your door.

An icon of a woman with a large laundry trolley full of washing in front of a washing machine.

Step 3

We clean your clothes for you.

A clothes rack with 4 clean shirts handing on it.

Step 4

We deliver your clean clothes back to your door.

Meticulous NDIS Laundry Services In Ipswich And Indooroopilly

Are you entitled to have laundry assistance through the NDIS? We are a disability services provider accredited by the NDIS.

Have you had trouble managing your washing or had difficulty in finding the right laundry to help you in your time of need?

Look no further, Ipswich Laundry Service has been assisting NDIS recipients for more than 4 years. Over this period, we have built-up an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the unique laundry requirements of NDIS clients and are able to tailor a service that fits into your lifestyle and makes your life easier.

Let the NDIS laundry service from Ipswich Laundry Service take some of the stress out of your life and allow you to focus on more important things. Choose from washing and drying to ironing and we can also organise alterations and repairs for you. As an NDIS recipient, your driver and laundry team will collect your laundry on your designated day and they will ensure that your clean clothes and linen come back to you in a weatherproof container, protected and ready for you to wear.

Don’t let washing be one of those things that are just too hard. You deserve clean clothes and linen.

Never be without clean clothes again with Ipswich Laundry Service, an accredited NDIS service provider.


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