Whether it is a stain on your new suit, soiled bed sheets or a dress that needs dry cleaning, our laundry service in Kenmore makes sure that we return your items looking wonderful again. We assure you that when you choose Ipswich Laundry Service, you are choosing high-end care for your laundry.

Laundry pickup and drop-off service:

We offer laundry pickup and drop-off service to facilitate our valued clients and to save them the trouble of travelling all the way down to us. We pick up your dirty clothes from your doorstep and as soon as we are done, we return so you won’t have to do any of the work.

Laundry service:

Whether you have an important job interview coming up or an important function to attend at the weekend, leave the laundry to the professionals. We restore your precious garment to its top condition and make it shine as if it was new. Let us know about any special requirements and we will make sure that your clothes look as impressive as they can.

We assure you that we offer a superior finish to your items with our laundry service

Ironing service:

Ironing is a daunting task because a moment of negligence can destroy a perfectly good garment. Therefore, it requires the attention of trained professionals who provide expert ironing service to ease your worries.

Stain removal:

If you have got a stubborn stain on an item that isn’t going away by any means, we make your work easy for you. We have experience getting out the most ingrained marks and stains from your clothes. From coffee and gravy to sauce, chocolate, ink and grease, rely on us to get the marks removed and get your clothes looking fabulous again.

Contact us:

If you are looking for professionals that offer pickup and delivery service right at your doorstep while providing superior services and results,
then call us at 04 99 66 77 99.