At the end of every weekend, you probably wonder where the time went. If you are spending your weekend doing the laundry you spend it doing your dirty laundry one day and ironing it the next day. We would suggest hiring our laundry service at St. Lucia.

You Can Bring The Fun Back Into Your Weekends When We Do The Laundry For You

The Ipswich Laundry Service offers you the ultimate opportunity to reclaim your weekends. We provide professional laundry, ironing, dry cleaning and alteration services. You get one or may two days off from work after slogging away at work for hours. You need the opportunity to relax and unwind. Plus, sometimes the laundry becomes so pressing that you may have to cancel plans with friends or a loved one to do your dirty laundry.

Never Dry Your Dirty Laundry In Public, Let Us Help

We know that when dirty laundry gets out of hand, you need space to let it dry which may be unavailable on the clothes lines. You probably end up spreading clothes all around the house. This can cause a lot of mess, especially if you just did the household laundry. The reason is that it has a lot of volume, such as bed sheets. You cannot fold them too thinly otherwise they will not dry. When you entrust us with the laundry, we will not only wash it, but we will also pick it up, deliver it, wash, iron and fold it. All you have to do is simply receive it and place your neatly folded laundry in its required space. We make doing the laundry as stress-free as possible.

Let Us Help You Enjoy Your Precious Weekend Without Worrying About Dirty Laundry

Ipswich Laundry Services provides a personalised service that has helped us in business for so long. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. If we do not meet expectations, we want the opportunity to get it right rather than losing a customer. We are conveniently located in the Ipswich region, the South West of Brisbane. Furthermore, we can proudly say that we offer a service that comes second to none. We generally cover items of clothing as well as household laundry. Other than washing and dry cleaning, we can also provide alteration services. You will find that our friendly and professional staff are always happy to help.

Contact Us Now

If you have any dirty household laundry, contact us now. We will come and pick it up and you will have freshly cleaned, dry and ironed laundry within the same day. To contact our friendly staff, call us now on 04 99 66 77 99.