Ipswich Laundry Service is dedicated to help you in achieving a quality lifestyle by taking the most exhausting tasks of laundry and ironing off your hands. Our laundry service in Kingston makes sure that your clothing items are left spotlessly clean and ironed.

We provide the most reliable laundry service that guarantees 100% satisfaction

Normal wash:

We believe that a number of homes and businesses depend upon laundry and dry cleaning services. Whether you are a business individual or a stay-at-home person, we assure you that our laundry service is the fastest and delivers quick results. We wash all types of clothes and read the instructions on the label to make sure that no negligence is been made.

Dry cleaning:

There are some particular types of clothes that need to be cleaned through by dry cleaning. If they are cleaned by normal wash, they would get ruined and end up costing you a lot. For this reason, our dry cleaning service pays utmost attention and care to your garments that need to be dry cleaned.

Ironing service:

If you have a special event to go to and your dress is a very expensive one, you should not risk ironing it yourself. One moment of negligence can ruin your expensive dress. Our service is specially designed for this task. We handle your garments with utmost care and attention and make sure that it is cleaned and ironed impeccably.

An affordable service:

Ipswich Laundry Service is among the best in the industry and has the most affordable services. We understand the need of laundry services in our daily life and therefore, we design packages to suit your convenience and budget. We make sure that the quality of our service is maintained, so everyone can enjoy our services at minimal rates.

Contact us:

With a laundry company that offers dependable and affordable services, you can be sure of getting the services when you need them. If you are looking for a reliable laundry company to take care of your laundry needs, then call us now at 0499 667 799.