We understand that between work, family and housework, you are left with a little time for yourself and you don’t want to spend it doing laundry. Our laundry service in Milton offers pickup and delivery, hence enabling you to focus on other important things in your life.

Take advantage of the full range of laundry services at Ipswich Laundry Services

Saving your time:

We know that a number of people are caught up in work and don’t have sufficient time to do their laundry. A number of hours spent in work do not allow you to perform house chores and this is where we come into picture.

At Ipswich Laundry Service, we ensure that the work is completed in time. Hiring us for your laundry means that you will never have to miss an important event due to unwashed textiles. We pick up the clothes from your doorstep and drop them off as well.

Tough stain removal:

Homes with children are always prone to a lot of dirt, as children play with all types of dirty stuff. Their hands are always full of food and other things that leave stains on their clothes. These stains are hard to come off and require professional help. We use a wide range of chemicals to get rid of the dirt. We have years of experience in removing tough stains from clothes, curtains and carpets as well. Therefore, we are aware of all the ways to ensure that the stains come off. Moreover, we also make sure that during the stain removal process, the fabric and colour of the clothes are not destroyed.


Our aim is to offer convenience for people who are overwhelmed with work. We make ourselves available on a regular basis to collect and deliver your laundry. Whether you want to hire us on daily, weekly or monthly basis, we accommodate to all of your laundry needs. Moreover, we make sure that our service is affordable and doesn’t break your bank.

Contact us:

To avail our services, reach us at 04 99 66 77 99.