When it comes to hiring laundry services, people are very specific and conscious about the quality of service. Ipswich laundry services are the name to rely on in Leichardt. We understand what you expect from a laundry service, when a new week is about to start and you still haven’t managed to get your laundry done.

We Turn your Dirty Clothes as Good as New

Ipswich laundry service emphasizes of delivering premium quality services to each and every customer. We leave no stone unturned in cleaning your clothes and ironing them as good as new. Our professional laundrymen have extensive experience and are equipped with the latest technology machines. They have a proven track record for their excellent services.

What to Expect from our Laundry Service?

When you are in need of laundry services, all you need to do is place an order by calling us. We collect your clothes, linens, garments and fabrics, as early as possible. Our laundrymen wash each item separately, according to its fabric and ensure that the quality of the items is not affected at all. We dry, fold and pack everything with care and delicacy.

Each laundry service is important to us, so we ensure leaving them fresh and spotless. When the laundry is ready to be dispatch, our riders deliver them at your doorstep. All of this is done at affordable prices, which turn our new customers into lifelong customers.

People usually experience huge power bills and increased water consumption, which also affects the local washing machine they already have at home. Certain items like blankets, duvet covers, table runners, etc. require a professional wash and care. For these items, we have special packages to suit your requirements.

Apart from laundry services, we are known for our Alteration services

Let Ipswich laundry service save your day with its alteration services. We understand the stress when you figure out that you have an important project deadline the next day and your dress is missing a zip or not unzipping properly. We can pick your formal wear, alter it for you and deliver it back after ironing it, leaving you with peace of mind for the meeting. This sets us apart. We promise that our laundry services are second to none.

When looking for a reliable laundry service in Leichardt, Call us at: 04 99 66 77 99