If you are having trouble doing your laundry, you need to consider Ipswich Laundry Service to help you. Our laundry services in Kingston cater to all of your laundry needs, with their prompt and professional service.

Although there are many companies offering laundry services but what makes us stand out from our competitors is our efficiency in providing exceptional laundry at the consistent basis. We guarantee the satisfaction of our clients by providing the best services possible, with a competitive price proposition.

We are experienced:

Being in the industry for so long has given us a lot of valuable experience. We know how to deal with different types of clothes that need a premium wash or a dry cleaning. With every passing day, the quality of our service has also improved and has developed us into one of the most reputed laundry services.

Using the right products:

We believe that the products we use for wash and dry cleaning determine the quality of our service. If the right products are not used, it may damage the fabric or colour of the cloth. Therefore, we focus on using the products that are certified and eco-friendly so they won’t cause any allergic reaction to your skin. Moreover, we use the products that leave a lasting fragrance in your clothes. We promise, you would feel relaxed and fresh while wearing your clothes.

We use cleaning products that are tough on stains and gentle on the fabric

Readily available:

If you have an event coming up and want to get your suit or dress ready before the next day, we offer you quick and easy service so your dress would be ready by the time you need it. We understand the urgency and importance of some events and that is why we make ourselves available on a short notice. We promise to help you prepare your clothes in the shortest time possible.

Contact us:

We assure you that our customer service is reliable and friendly. For further details, call 0499 667 799.